A rewards program for youth?

The nightly routine at FRY includes time dedicated to engaging with God’s Word at the intersection of faith and the teenage life. Obviously, at this intersection is the FRY Café, and a quick stop to grab a hot drink and snack before breaking off into small groups for discussion and prayer.

While many items at FRY Café are FREE, there will be a number of exclusive items that students will only be able to redeem using their accumulated points on their own personal FRY Rewards card.

YES, we actually have plastic cards with NFC chips for the youth. Just yesterday we received a generous offer from a church member to print the cards, using their PVC Thermal Printer, with FRY Rewards styling and your youth’s mug shot.

YES, we actually built a mobile app that can program the cards, manages youth members, their points, and redemptions via tap.

On launch night we will explain in detail what these cards can do, how points can be collected, and what exactly they can be redeemed for.

Is there anything more motivating to a teen than their very own loyalty program card with membership rewards that rival that of Starbucks?