The IMPACT of JOY with Christ, LOVE for Christ, and IDENTITY in Christ is seen in three specific ways, namely our : 

  1. WALK - The real life of joyously walking with Christ is the very motivation for obedience our youth must discover. As a fruit of the Spirt, JOY empowers a walk filled with conviction in spite of the pervasive shallowness of this world, purity in spite of temptation, and courage in spite of being the minority.
  2. WORSHIP - The real life of serving Jesus from an overflow of LOVE for Christ. A real life that is not content to simply sing songs on a Sunday, but understands worship is a lifestyle, a daily offering of service to God that is holy and acceptable.
  3. WITNESS - The real life of confidence in their IDENTITY in Christ. A life that is thankful for who God made them to be - each unique and special according to His purposes, and resulting in bold proclamation of the Gospel in both word and deed.

Our hearts desire at Fellowship Rouge Youth is to see the work of God in the lives of our youth extend beyond the head knowledge of their years, beyond the expectations of their parents, and beyond the influence of their peers, into the REAL LIFE God has for them.